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Families Share Their Stories


I worked with Jess over the course of a few weeks, and she was nothing short of amazing. We started off on my 3 year old who was early rising and coming into our bed every night. Jess provided constant support and simple strategies to turn this around.

My 6 month old at the same time went from a great sleeper to constantly waking throughout the night. I asked Jess for help and she was my knight in shining armour. The first few nights when I was anxious she wrote back to every email I sent within a few minutes, giving me the reassurance and support I needed in a timely manner. Two weeks on and our baby girl is back to being a great sleeper and close to sleeping through.

Sometimes we need someone to reassure us that what we are doing is right and give us a few tweaks even when it is your second or third Bub. 


I would highly recommend Jess to new mums and mums who already have a few babies for guidance and support, she was great!

- Kath, mother of Reeve & Ella


Jess has saved my sanity! 

Gentle approach with kindness and understanding to mum and baby. Always approachable and quick responses and you can tell her anything - never an ounce of judgement and really emphasises self care and compassion for yourself bc being a mum is really bloody hard sometimes.


Highly recommend

- Sarah, mother of Sonny

Changed my life completely!!!!!! I dreaded the bed time routine as I knew they both struggled to sleep. I have two bubbas who were having trouble sleeping. My 3 year old has always struggled, we always thought it was normal. Jess changed everything for us!!!! She got me away from reading book after book until she fell asleep on me, co-sleeping when I needed sleep and her sneaky ninja jumped into our bed in the middle of the night. Now she happily goes to sleep within 5 minutes, no fuss or anything!!! She is also sleeping through the night 

My 9 month old was waking every two or so hours for a feed and would only feed to sleep. Now he self settles himself with very little help from us and no feeds during the night. Now I look forward to bed time knowing that my bubbas are getting restful sleep and I have my night back from 7:30pm!!!! 

Jess you are amazing, you are my guru for all things sleep. You gave me the support and confidence to help my two bubbas to self settle and get restful sleep. You were always a text or call away when I needed to know what to do, and replied so quickly.  Can never thank you enough for what you did for my entire family's sleep needs!!

- Steph mum to Abi & Wyatt

abi and wyatt_edited_edited.jpg

Working with Jess completely changed our little ones personality. From being a serial catnapper and waking multiple times overnight, he was exhausted and grumpy from being overtired. We worked with Jess for a month, and within a week we’re getting incredible results. My 5 month old bub who had never slept for more than 25 minutes since 8 weeks old, started consolidating his naps and was sleeping for 2 hours at lunch time. He began sleeping through the night from 6 months and we now have a happy little 7 month old who is an absolute delight. Jess is lovely and full of knowledge, which as a first time mum I needed. She gave us so much support, through daily updates, and guidance that suited our parenting style. She was always there to help when things didn’t go to plan and give us new options to try. 

I would recommend Jess to anyone needing some sleep advice. 

Thank you Jess :) 

- Rhianna, mother of Oakley


I’m so grateful I found Jess! After reading too many different things I was a bit overwhelmed with what to do for my nearly 6 month old. I was struggling to resettle him and was up for what could be over an hour during the night.

Jess gave me a new routine to try and some different resettling tips and it’s made such a difference. I also really appreciated the follow ups and check ins and constant support.

Anybody struggling with their little ones sleep or just wanting to get a good routine I would highly recommend Jess! Thanks so much

- Jana mum to Judd

Jess completely changed our lives. My 4 month old son had a very strong feed to sleep association and would wake multiple times a night, sometimes every 1.5 hours. He would not sleep for longer than 30/40 mins during the day and would only ever sleep longer if he was sleeping on me or in the pram. I contacted Jess after another sleepless night. She got to know both me and my baby so quickly and was able to work with what we were comfortable with. I felt like I had my very own fairy godmother right there to guide and support me as we implemented her recommendations, and made changes along the way. Jess gave me the confidence to help improve my baby's sleep. After one week of working with Jess, my little boy now goes down in his cot, wide awake, settles himself to sleep and can resettle independently or with very little hands on help. There are so many ideas and opinions out there about sleep training and as a first time mum, I felt completely overwhelmed. Jess was able to break it down into some really practical steps and tweaks that have resulted in one very happy and well rested baby, (and mumma)

Jess mum to Luca

My husband and I want to thank Jess for helping us with our 2 year old. Everything we read online, was telling us we had missed the boat to training a toddler to self settle and stay asleep, but then we came across The Holistic Bub website and boy are we glad we messaged Jess.

Since our no.3 was 7 months old, our night routined consisted of 3-4 wakes and several bottles of milk. In the last 3 months, it got worse, 2-3 wakes every night and she would stay awake for up to 2 hours at a time. To say it was driving us crazy is an understatement. We spoke to Jess 7 days ago, we immediately felt comfortable and assured. Jess explained to us how a toddler thinks and behaves (we should know after 3 kids) and it felt as though she knew our daughter better than could we have gone so wrong....we immediately applied all the strategies Jess suggested and just like that after 2 nights, our little Miss started sleeping through the night. Thank you Jess from the bottom of our hearts, we dont know how to repay you. We feel like new people...sane people

- Lisa & Rhys with daughter Georgia

Thank you so much to Jess for helping us regain our sanity! Our 22 month old boy woke multiple times over night, would take hours to go to sleep and required us to sit next to him and hold his hand most nights. Then could be up for hours during the night whilst we tried to get him back to sleep. In only a few days, he was falling asleep alone and sleeping through until morning! Jess was so lovely, caring, understanding and helpful through the whole process. We are so thankful that we found her! Would 100% recommend

Sashelle mum to Brooklyn

Highly recommend Jess!

We were struggling with our third. She had no routine, always overtired, never finished a bottle before bed and we would just keep giving them overnight because it made her sleep. (When really she just became attached) we filled out a form stating everything we could about what we do & our current “no real routine” ect. Jess followed up by giving us a new routine, changing a few things that we had been doing & now what to do. So easily done & we are now on night 5 of her sleeping 12-13hrs, no night bottles, her day sleeps are amazing & her routine is even working for her daycare!! It’s such a relief to now have this routine in place & the amazing support from Jess for this change!

Kirri mum to Amelia

Jess’ help has completely turned our lives around. In under a week, our son has gone from waking 5 times a night and requiring physical support to settle, to sleeping through the night with no intervention from us. Being 7 months pregnant with a 10 month old that was disrupting my much needed sleep, I reached out to Jess for urgent support. She took plenty of time to speak to me about every aspect of our son’s every day life and she devised a plan for us to make several small changes and then tackle the behaviour. Jess listened to my emotional concerns and reassured me time and time again, giving me confidence to give it a go. Her daily check ins were greatly appreciated and I really looked forward to speaking to her as things got better and better! We cannot thank Jess enough and feel much more prepared to tackle sleep struggles, should they arise with our second child. If we need support again, we will not hesitate to reach out to Jess again. We are such a happy household again!

Becky & Jimmy parents to Oscar

We reached out to Jess after our 3 year old was waking nightly and having a party for one (singing, counting , screaming out, leaving the bed). Jess was prompt in replying and sent through a questionnaire.

After my wife and I filled out the form, Jess was very reassuring as she tailored a plan to get our little one back on track.

Through Jess’ professionalism,guidance, knowledge and support it was amazing to see the plan come to fruition within days.

It’s safe to say these small adjustments throughout the day and night time routine has not only saved her sleep, but ours too!!

Thank you, Jess

Nathan & Sam parents of Asha

Jess has been amazing! When I contacted her I was an overwhelmed FTM drowning in all of this information about sleep & what’s best for my baby! By the end of my time with Jess there were so many positives, it was a challenge thanks to our determined, stubborn 5 month old but Jess has given me the tools and strategies to continue to get the best sleep routine for our baby!

Jess always supported, empathised and understood the emotions attached to sleep training!

You have been amazing jess and I can’t thank you enough

Belinda mum to Madisyn

I honestly cannot recommend Jess enough! 4 weeks ago we had a very tired 9 month old baby who woke constantly throughout the night, needed to be rocked/fed or held for sleep & rarely napped during the day. We now have a happy 10 month old who self settles to sleep, rarely wakes through the night & has 2 Naps a day! Not only is Jess an incredible wealth of knowledge she is also incredibly kind & understanding in her approach to helping parents with their bubs! Thank you so much Jess!

- Emily & daughter Olivia

I can not thank Jess enough for her amazing service. I was struggling with both of my girls sleeping, not even one week into working with Jess and my girls did a complete 360 Jess went above and beyond for us and can’t thank her enough for everything she did for our family

Annika mum to Marlee & Lillie

Jess helped me hugely with my 2.5 year old twins, she is amazing. She has great advise and tips for not only night time but day time naps too. It's hard work juggling twins but Jess was very supportive and approachable and didn't judge at all. I highly recommend contacting her if you need help with sleep for any age child.

- Jody

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